Limited design I’m A Simple Woman Wine Flip-flop Dog Funny shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt



I used to dread looking under our King-sized bed to see all that our Doxie had foundI’m A Simple Woman Wine Flip-flop Dog Funny shirt. It was never easy to clean out and there were things in there that would make a person spew! But, she does the same thing. If I see something I know she did, I’ll ask her and she’ll turn her head and lay on her belly and beg for forgiveness with her tail wagging so hard her butt won’t hold still. Two-second rule; you weren’t watching, they can’t technically get caught!

It’s four years since Lucky’s stem cell transplant and her numbers are looking good. She did, however, have a bout of extremely high blood pressure, the doctor attributes this to the kidney damage she suffered before her diagnosis of multiple myeloma. It was her nephrologist that noticed that she was severely dehydrated and her kidneys weren’t functioning well. This led to her hospitalization and ultimately to her diagnosis. Her kidneys are functioning well but not at 100%. That’s a permanent condition which she’ll have for the rest of her life. She continues to take the Revlimid and is dealing with the side effects. She was out of work for a month, went back for four days, then tripped on her flip-flop while walking the dog, fell onto the curb and broke a rib. If you’ve ever had a broken rib you know how painful that can be.

I’m A Simple Woman Wine Flip-flop Dog Funny

I'm A Simple Woman Wine Flip-flop Dog Funny sweatshirtI'm A Simple Woman Wine Flip-flop Dog Funny hoodieI'm A Simple Woman Wine Flip-flop Dog Funny long sleeve

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