Stan Lee with Thor Captain America Iron Man shirt

1st Avenger is def the first movie. Introduces the Tesseract right away, Howard Stark, Vibranium, Hydra, Odin etc. And really makes it all come full circle w/ Red Skull in IW
The Incredible Hulk is canon. Has the super soldier serum, Stark Industries and has Ross and Stark cameo at the end. IM 2 and Thor are naturally next as Coulson mentions he has to get to Mexico.

Stan Lee Doctor Strange Thor Captain America Iron Man Wolverine Deadpool Spider Man shirt lady v-neck

After Civil War, is where it gets grey. BP takes place a week after. Spiderman naturally after that.
I put Wasp next since the majority of its events take place 2 years after CW. Just dont watch the end credits scene. I put Dr. Strange after that to give it more continuity as he is in Ragnork. And Ragnork is naturally the last movie before IW cuz of the Asgardian Refugee ship

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