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Miami dolphin miracle shirt

Most dolphins are well-exposed in the lips and in the water, and can sense frequencies 10 times the frequency of people who can hear. Although dolphins have small ear holes on either side of the head, We suggest that in the aquatic environment, the fish is heard by the lower jaw and leads to the middle ear via openings in the jaw. Listening is also used to broadcast biological radar, a possibility that all dolphins have. It is thought that dolphin teeth are used as a receptor, which receives the incoming sounds and precisely positions the object. The dolphin’s motion is also very developed, with the nerve endings distributed. on the skin, especially in the nose, pectoral and genital areas. However, dolphins do not have sensory nerve receptors and therefore are believed to have no sense of smell. The dolphins also have taste and show preference for certain fish food. Most of the time dolphins are underwater, feeling the taste of water can help dolphins smell in a way that water can tell the presence of objects outside their mouths.

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