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This legend then became the subject of rumors about a country with a lot of gold that the people there brought in gold. After that, there were many expeditions (not just Spaniards but also British people) to find this land. The most important expedition conducted by English explorer Walter Raleigh in the early seventeenth century.Edgar Allan Poe some sugar on me shirt. During nearly 300 people went to find Eldorado without seeing it. In January 1848 people found gold in California. This poem by Edgar Allan Poe written in those days is called that “California Gold Rush”, but the subject Eldorado the author completely wrote his way. The knight spent his whole life searching for strange lands, which may not exist in the world, of course, unlike those who are eager to seek gold. So, this poem is about the person who seeks the absolute. Last poem, through the words of the adventure, says “Eldorado” is true, not in this world but on the other side of the world.

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Men's T-Shirt frontThe poem Annabel Lee first printed in the New York Tribune on October 9, 1849, two days after the poet’s death. Many bibliographers affirmed that this is a poem author wrote about his wife who died when he was very young. However, since 1846, that means before the death of his wife, Edgar Allan Poe, wrote in The Philosophy of Composition: “… The death of a beautiful woman, beyond doubt, is The statue of poetry and there is no doubt that, for this subject, the most appropriate is the lips of the mistress. ” This is also the subject of his famous poems like Raven and Ulalume.       

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