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Sketches also often included dream sequences where Wayne and Garth imagine themselves in fantasy settings. The sequences were introduced with Wayne and Garth imitating a stereotypical television fade-out by waving their arms in front of them and imitating a commonly used fade-out sound effect accompanied by an excerpt from Gary Wright’s “Dream Weaver”.  Wayne campbell and Garth algar Schwing shirt Notable dream sequences include Wayne defeating Wayne Gretzky in a one-on-one hockey game, upon which Janet Jones runs to kiss Wayne, and Wayne and Garth meeting Madonna in a spoof of her Truth or Dare film and controversial music video for “Justify My Love”. Wayne dares Madonna to make out with him while Garth is seen dancing in a parody of the video.

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Wayne campbell and Garth algar Schwing shirt

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In the early sketches, Wayne and Garth are high school students, and their guests on the show included their teachers (including one played by Ed O’Neill, who would later play a very similar character in both films), and other students from school

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