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However, their blood relationship is still vaguely alluded to when the character mentions a time during which she actually lived in Triton’s palace. Clements and Musker had originally intended for Ursula to remain her original size at the end of the film . Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls shirt  However, Katzenberg had just recently seen the film Die Hard (1988), which inspired him to request a “bigger” ending for The Little Mermaid, and thus he instructed the writers to have Ursula grow much larger in size during her climactic fight with Ariel and Eric.Ursula is voiced by American actress and comedian Pat Carroll. Carroll was not the filmmakers’ first choice for the role
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Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls shirt 

Women's Tank Top frontClements, Musker and Ashman had long debated who should voice the villainness, the casting of whom was long and tedious, spanning an entire year. In his book Makin’ Toons: Inside the Most Popular Animated TV Shows and Movies, author Allan Neuwirth documented that the filmmakers searched “for just the right performer who could put across the deep-voiced, world-weary, deadpan villainness they had in mind–but never quite snaring their catch”.

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